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What ‘below deck’ food is like on a cruise ship

One cruise ship musician shared a TikTok video showing what the food for the crew “below deck” is like, and it’s jaw-dropping. TikToker Bryan James ( is a musician who spends most of his time living and working on cruise ships. Recently, James shared a video showing what food looks like for the crew “below deck” on a cruise ship, and it’s pretty incredible. “Today, we’ve got a crepe section,” he explains, showing a gourmet spread complete with an array of toppings and crepes made fresh on the spot. “And then we’ve got typical salad bar stuff. That doesn’t really change,” James says while the camera pans over “fresh jalapeños and fresh this and fresh that” . James then moves on to show a variety of beautifully displayed “cheeses and meats and just pretty much anything you could want at a buffet” . “the food is really good, so I don’t really have any complaints,” he notes before showing the colorful assortment of desserts. Viewers were salivating over the delicious medley of treats, many of whom were surprised to discover that the food below deck on a cruise ship could be this good. “Why am I getting ‘career change vibes’? They feed the crew like kings and queens. That’s awesome,” one viewer enthused


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