Elizabeth Banks share tips for talking to your kids about sex: ‘You should not lie’



Elizabeth Banks dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Wednesday, where she talked about her sex ed podcast, My Body, My Podcast. The podcast is a continuing education for her, but also a way to help her better talk to her sons Felix (10) and Magnus (8) about sex.

“Let me just say this right off the bat, you should not lie to your kids about it” Banks said. “If they ask, it means because they’re curious and age appropriate. You should tell them straight up what it is, if you say ‘stork,’ later on they’re going to ask, ‘What else does she lie to me about?’ They’re going to figure out it’s not storks.”

While Banks supports having an open and positive dialogue with children about sex and reproduction, she did admit it caught her off guard when her sons asked for a detailed explanation.

“They knew they had a penis,” Banks said, “and they knew I had a vagina and a vulva and uterus, and they knew that they were part of their dad and part of me, an egg and a sperm. So all of those things had been discussed when we were in the back of the car and the question came, ‘Yes, yes, mommy, but how does the sperm get to the egg?’ I realized, oh!”

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