Ludacris tells kid reporters craziest thing he’s ever done, craziest thing he’s bought his daughters



“Daddy says Ludacris means super crazy. So are you, like, super crazy?”

The series might be called Kid Gloves, but our young reporters Lyla and Luna (daughters of Yahoo Entertainment’s senior correspondent Kevin Polowy) continue to confront celebrities with the hardest hitting questions.

“Yeah, you could say beyond crazy or wild, ridiculous, that’s kind of what Ludacris means,” the rapper-turned-actor-turned-television creator born Chris Bridges told them (watch above). “But if you look at my videos, I have that much fun. And that’s really what it’s about.”

So what’s the craziest thing he’s ever done?

“Probably jump out of a plane,” Ludacris answered. “I’ve done that before. It was beautiful. But I’m a daredevil. Sometimes you have to do fun and scary things.”

'Karma's World' (Netflix)

‘Karma’s World’ (Netflix)

As for the craziest thing he’s ever gotten his daughters, Ludacris tells them it’s Karma’s World, the new Netflix animated series he created and plays a voice role in that was inspired by his oldest daughter (and one of four daughters the proud #GirlDad has), Karma. The entertaining series, which follows the adventures of a rap-loving girl as she navigates elementary school, premiered Friday on the streaming service.

When Lyla and Luna pointed out they saw a photo of Bridges buying Karma a car for her 16th birthday, the performer expressed some regret.

“She got the car, and then two months later she got in a wreck in it,” he recalled. “I don’t think I’m gonna do that anymore. Luckily she’s okay, though. Tell your dad not to buy you a car when you turn 16.”

Still, the photo of the car (not to mention his creation of Karma’s World) was still enough to thoroughly impress the girls.

“Ludacris, will you be our daddy, too?,” Luna asks, to the horror of her own father.

Karma’s World is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

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